Frequently Asked Questions

What is #WinBothSeats?

#WinBothSeats is an influencer-activist led initiative focused on rapidly raising money for Black and Brown led organizers focused on voter turnout during the Georgia Senate runoffs.

The initiative was co-founded by MLK III, Andrew Yang, Susan Taylor, Sophia Bush, Kumail Nanjiani, Phil Goff, Mike Novogratz, Dikembe Mutumbo, and Michael Skolnik.

What is the strategy behind #WinBothSeats?

We wanted to make it easy to make a diverse investment in the community organizers that will help win Georgia. Relational organizing by community organizers have proven to be one of the most effective voter turnout investments. 

In partnership with Movement Voter PAC, a leader in community organizer vetting and funding, we constructed a portfolio of organizers, led by incredible social justice and civil rights heroes, who have a successful track record in Georgia.

What happens to donations to #WinBothSeats?

What type of organization is #WinBothSeats?

#WinBothSeats is owned and operated by the Defeat By Tweet Super PAC.

Is my donation tax deductible?

No. #WinBothSeats is owned and operated by Defeat By Tweet Super PAC. Donations to Super PACs are not tax deductible.

Who can donate to #WinBothSeats?

Only US citizens or Green Card Holders can donate to #WinBothSeats because it’s parent org Defeat by Tweet is a federal super PAC. We cannot accept contributions from foreign nationals.

How do I contact #WinBothSeats?

For press inquiries, email defeatbytweet@ellecomm.com
For general questions, email hello@WinBothSeats.org
For questions about billing, email support@democracyengine.com
For billing questions, please share your name, amount, and last four digits of the card so we can quickly find your transaction.